A new children’s book by
John Casselberry & Madeline Connor

Illustrations by Jerl Laws


 The Konscious Kidz are an irresistible, fun-loving crew of six kids, where no one act of courage or kindness is too big or too small. The Kidz are positive role models making conscious choices and creating a better world, one adventure at a time, by starting with their own community. Colorful and inspiring illustrations and street murals allow children to see themselves in the stories. 

In these stories we follow the Konscious Kidz as they face every day personal and community challenges like bullying, grief, and guilt. They are a vehicle to assist parents and guardians in opening dialogue with children on how to be creative in solving these challenges using various life skills such as courage, trust, acceptance, and mindfulness. These stories demonstrate how embracing each other and our diversity fortifies ourselves and our communities.



Meet the Konscious Kidz

Six neighborhood friends from different backgrounds who play, laugh, and grow together.



Meet The Artists

The Courageous Adventures of the Konscious Kidz features illustrations by Jerl Laws and street art by artists from around the Globe.

A Big Konscious Kidz CREW Thank you!

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