The Koncious Kidz crew is six neighborhood friends from different backgrounds who play, laugh, and grow together. They face the many different challenges and adventures of life as a community, showing us that we are all more alike than we are different. 



FLACO is Puerto Rican. He loves music and dancing and also has a green thumb like his grandmother. Flaco gravitates to the natural sciences; nutrition and health are his passion. Flaco moved to the Konscious Kidz neighborhood from Brooklyn.



BELLE is African American; she is a natural athlete and a gifted writer, who has dreams of becoming a rock star/drummer. Belle is an advocate for social justice and strives for things being fair and equitable. She doesn’t hesitate to step up to a cause and rally the Konscious Kidz around a mission for seeking justice in any given situation. 



LYRIC is Irish American. He is the new kid on the block. He more recently moved to the neighborhood from a Midwestern suburb of Detroit. He inherited the gift of the spoken word from his grandfather. Lyric is a poet, a deep thinker, and a philosopher with a streak of court jester. 



V-GIRL is Belle’s fraternal twin sister, a nurturer who exudes love and compassion. She is an artist, dancer, and a keen observer of life. V-Girl is passionate about nature, ecology, and the ecosystem. She wants everything to be in harmony and balance.



PIXEL is Asian; his father is Korean American and his mother is from Thailand. He is gentle, yet strong; a peaceful warrior. He has an unsuspecting sense of humor. He is a tech savvy optimist with a passion for music production. He is always positive and solution-oriented. 



IVY is Native American, with Navajo and Cherokee heritage. She was born on her family’s ranch in New Mexico, and moved to the neighborhood with her mom one year ago when her parents separated. Ivy is confident and outspoken, especially for her age. She is grounded and in tune with herself and the world around her. One of her passions is animal welfare, which explains why she’s a vegan!